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Emsisoft Business Security

High-performance antivirus and anti-malware for endpoints

At lead Alert we don’t like leaving a lot to chance. Malware can cause downtime that is stressful for everyone in the business and everyone that supports it.

We take security seriously – we’ve spent a LOT of time reviewing the options, looking for the killer security solution.

We found it – and it’s the NZ Based Emsisoft.

The first thing that struck me when I tried it was how quick it was, while it included so much. Many products will promise a lot, and add value with extra features that may not be the best of breed – password managers for example. 

 Emsisoft provides multiple layers of security.
Firstly it makes use of the Bitdefender engine – you can see how it rates here for yourself.

That wasn’t enough for them though, so they developed their own engines to add extra malware protection.
The final result looks like this:


Virus & Malware Scanning
Dual-engine scanner detects all types of malicious software such as
viruses, ransomware, trojans, bots, keyloggers and more.
Rootkit Detection
Scans boot sectors and finds hidden rootkits in the operating system.
Potentially Unwanted Program Detection
Optionally alerts users of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that overload the computer with resource-hogging applications.
Advanced Infection Cleaning
Smart operation processes ensure the safety and stability of the computer during system cleaning.


Layer 1: Web Protection
Blocks access to known fraudulent and dangerous websites.
Layer 2: File Guard
Scans all downloaded and executed files using millions of malware signatures.
Layer 3: Behavior Blocker
Finds brand new malware by monitoring the behavior of all running programs.
Layer 4: Anti-Ransomware
Stops ransomware before it encrypts files
Prevent Industrial Spying with Behavior Blocker
Customized trojans designed for individual attacks are frequently used to hack businesses, and they are usually not detected by classic antivirus software. 
Exploit- and System Manipulation-Prevention
Ensures data integrity and validity of active programs.
Browser Security
Adds an in-browser security layer to block bad websites without compromising your privacy. Available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Can you leave your security to chance?

I don’t believe so. The risks are too high. Entire local governments have paid out millions in the last year to recover from, or appease ransomware authors alone.
Talk to us – it’s not expensive to save money, and potentially your business.

Let’s Get Started.

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