Pay per Click & Conversion optimisation

A Quick Win with Long Term Benefits

SEO is difficult and insanely competitive. PPC is expensive. So how do you get more clicks, more conversions, more leads – without ripping apart your budget?

The answer is, with the help of Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO.

But what is Conversion Rate Optimisation you ask?

CRO is the method of using analytics, surveys and other tools to improve a website’s performance on Pay per Click platforms by identifying the leaks in the site and fixing them. 

The cycle goes something like this:

  • Create an initial campaign based from our years of experience
  • Set goals (conversions, leads, traffic)
  • Put in place some measurement tools
  • Gather and analyze data
  • Convert data into insights
  • Turn insights into hypotheses
  • Test your hypotheses
  • Get data from these tests
  • Again, analyze the data

…..and it goes on

While marketing campaigns can bring more traffic to your site or landing page, CRO helps convert more of your existing traffic into leads. 

CRO is not just about increasing sales. The objective of Conversion Rate Optimisation is to make the user’s journey on your website as well as the entire sales conversion process easy. 

It’s about identifying the bottlenecks in the sales funnel that stops the customer from fulfilling the desired goal.. which in turn brings you more leads!

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