Jump off the hamster wheel.

Are your systems the best that they could be?

It’s exciting to see clients coming in, but do you have everything in place to service them with the 5 star experience they deserve?

A great CRM and robust business process is the key to getting ahead of your competitors in today’s market. It also, once implemented, frees you up to do what you do best.

CRM / Business Software

There are a lot of very complex systems out there that look scary, or hard to use.

At Lead Alert, we believe that there is such thing as “Horses for Courses” – we can partner with you to recommend and implement the right customer software for your use case.

Communications / Email

Are your clients hearing from you the right way? Are they even seeing your emails?

We make sure that the technology you use every day is the right fit, and working as you’d expect. For example, when the technical settings for email aren’t set up just right, your important messages may not even get as far as your customers in box.

Deep Integration

Often we are able to take your disparate systems and integrate them, allowing you to do things like email directly from your CRM using templates and only needing to remember one password for your entire workflow.


We consider this type of work a partnership, and a long term business integration plan.

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